Dr. Wolfgang Ehmke
Lindenstraße 2
D-65232 Taunusstein
Tel.: ++49-6128-41938


Name :                         Dr. sc.agr.  Wolfgang Ehmke

Year and Place of Birth:   1946 in Kolczevo / Pomerania (now Poland)

State of Family:            Widower, two adult sons (Alexander and Frederik)

Education:                   1952 – 1956 Elementary school

                                   1956 – 1965 High school

                                   1965 – 1969 Military service

                                   1969 – 1974 Studies of agrobiology (direction of plant production)

                                                         at the University of Stuttgart-Hohenheim, Germany

                                                         degree: diploma in agrobiology, section landscape ecology

                                   1978             Promotion as a doctor of agricultural sciences

                                                        (record: „magna cum laude“)

Professional curriculum:  1974 – 1975 Scientific employee at the Institute of Landscape and

                                                              Plant Ecology, University of Stuttgart-Hohenheim

                                      1976 – 1983 Section Leader at the State Institute for Environmental

                                                              Protection in Karlsruhe, Germany

                                       1983 – 1986 Member of Parliament (German Federal Parliament in

                                                              Bonn) and Speaker for environmental affairs of the

                                                              Faction of the Green Party

                                        1986 – 1999 Department Leader in the Ministry for Environmental

                                                              Protection of the state of Hessen in Wiesbaden (depart-

                                                              ment of landscape ecology and nature conservancy)

                                         since 1999   retired

Memberships:   German Society for Ecology and many other societies for nature conservancy,

                          botany, soil sciences, climatology, and archeology



Last entry:  March, 2003.