Dr. Wolfgang Ehmke  

List of Scientific Publications / Last entry:  2-2004

All publications are in German language!



EHMKE, W. 1973:  Lichen Zones and Air Pollution in the Town of Waiblingen. –

                                    Hohenheimer Arbeiten 74: 45-58.


EHMKE, W., E. HAMMEL & K. KREEB 1974:  Ecological Analysis of Lichen Growth on

                                    Orchard Trees as a Basis for Urban Planning in Waiblingen.

                                    – Verh. GfÖ, Congress of Saarbrücken: 405-411. –

                                    W. Jungk, The Hague.


EHMKE, W. 1975:  Ecological Research as a Basis for Regional Landscape Planning in the

                                    Urban Area of Stuttgart. – Daten u. Dokum. Umweltsch. 14: 137-139.


EHMKE, W. 1977:  The Ecological Management Plan and its Relation to Solitary

                                    Compensation Duties.   – Beih. Veröff. NatSch. u. LschPfl. BW 10:



EHMKE, W. 1978:  Ecological Research Works in the Urban Agglomeration of Stuttgart.

-         Beih. Veröff. NatSch. u. LschPfl. BW 12: 1-137 with many maps.


MÜLLER, M. & W. EHMKE 1978:  Practical Examples from the Future Landscape Data

                                    Bank of Baden-Württemberg. – Natur u. Landschaft 5/1978: 150-153.


EHMKE, W. & M. MÜLLER 1979a:  Studies for Computing Water Yield Potential and 

                                    Noise Pollution by means of Electronical Data Processing.                    

                                    – Verh. GfÖ VII: 191-199.


EHMKE, W. & M. MÜLLER 1979b:  The Landscape Data Bank of Baden-Württemberg. –

                                    in: Practice of Systems Research in Spatial Planning. 

                                    Procedures IKE-K-60: 105-133. – Ed.: University of Stuttgart.


EHMKE, W., B. FLIEGER, U. MAHLER & K. WILDENMANN 1980:  Planning for Nature

                                    Conservancy at the Example of „Stettfelder Bruch“ (Stettfeld Bog) near          

                                    Bruchsal. – Verh. GfÖ VIII:  253-267.


EHMKE, W. 1982:  Recording of Noxious Air Pollutants with Plants and Animals as 

                                    Biological Indicators.  – Manual „Environment and Energy“, Group 5:

39-79.  -  R. Haufe, Freiburg/Br.


EHMKE, W. 1986a:  Lichens as Biological Indicators.  – Natur an Rems u. Murr, H. 3. –



EHMKE, W. 1986b:  The Future Program for Alluvial Plains of the Ministry for Environ-

                                    mental Protection.  -  German Association for Bird Protection, Hessen 

                                    section: Proceedings of the session “Protection of White Stork and 

                                    Meadow Birds in Hessen”, Eltville: 11-19.


EHMKE, W. 1988:  The Pale Toadflax, Linaria repens (L.) MILL., still in the Taunus 

                                    Mountains. – Hess.Florist.Briefe 37(4): 60-62.


EHMKE, W. 1989:  The Climate of the Rheingau-Taunus-Kreis (District near Wiesbaden, 

                                    Germany). – Heimatjahrbuch des Rheingau-Taunus-Kreises 1989:      

                                    47-57. – Bad Schwalbach.


EHMKE, W. 1992:  The Philosophy of the Nature Conservancy Board and its Expectations  

                                    towards Non-Governmental Organisations. – Jb. NatSch u. LschPfl. 46:



EHMKE, W. 1993:  Some Remarkable Plant Findings in the Western Taunus Mountains. –

                                    Hess.Florist.Briefe 42(4): 49-56.


EHMKE, W. 1996a:  Beech Forests under Protection – Final Dash towards a National Park

                                    in the Kellerwald (Northern Hessen). – Nationalpark 4/96: 6-9.


EHMKE, W. 1996b:  Weather and Climate in the Town of Taunusstein. – in: Taunusstein,

                                    volume 1: Landscape and Nature: 25-56. – Ed.: Local History Club and 

                                    the Township of Taunusstein.


EHMKE, W. 1996c:  Plant Life and Vegetation in Taunusstein. – see above, p. 57-91.


EHMKE, W. 2001a:  Progress of the Floristic Record of the Taunus Mountains. 

                                    Ber.Arbeitskreis Heim. Orchid. 18(1): 220-225.


EHMKE, W. 2001b:  Progress of the Floristic Record of the Taunus Mountains. – Schr.R.

                                    Umweltamt Darmstadt XVI/4: 16-23.


EHMKE, W. 2001c:  The Wild Crop Reserve in Schlangenbad-Hausen: Element of a Multi-

                                    functional Agriculture. – Samensurium 12: 53-59.


EHMKE, W. 2001d:  Do we have Evidence of the Climate Change also in

                                   Wiesbaden and the Taunus Mountains?  -  Jb. Nassauischer Verein f.

                                   NatKde 122: 43-58; Wiesbaden.


EHMKE, W. 2001e:  The Auxiliary Program for Field Crop Plants in the Rheingau

                                   and the Western Taunus Area, part 1: Principles. – Jb. Nassauischer 

                                   Verein f. NatKde 122: 59-82;  Wiesbaden.


EHMKE, W. 2002a: The Weather in Western Hessen of the Year 2001. – Jb. Nassauischer

                                  Verein f. NatKde 123: 139-147; Wiesbaden.


EHMKE, W. 2002b: Hints to the Crops and Native Weeds in the Wild Crop Plants Reserve

                                  in Schlangenbad-Hausen, Germany. – Brochure, 12 pages; 





EHMKE, W. 2002c: The Wild Crop Plants Reserves in Lorch-on-Rhine and Schlangenbad-

                                  -Hausen – Examples of Botanical Species Protection and of Cultural

                                  History. – Mitt. Nassauischer Verein f. NatKde. 48: 14-16; Wiesbaden.


EHMKE, W. 2003a: The Wild Crop Plants Reserve in Schlangenbad-Hausen – Home of  

                                  Prehistorical Crops.  In: The Taunus Mountains – Landscape of            

                                  Frontiers and Natural Spaces. – Excursion Guide of the Group of

                                  Vegetation History in the Reinhold-Tüxen-Society, 11-9-2003,

                                  Wiesbaden, Germany.


EHMKE, W. 2003b: The Weather of 2002 in Western Hessen. – Jb. Nassauischer Verein f.

                                  NatKde 124: 145-153; Wiesbaden.


EHMKE, W. 2003c: Shortage of Wood enforced Afforestation. Agriculture in the “Kemeler

                                  Heide” (Kemel Moor) before 1800. – Jb. Rheingau-Taunus-District

                                  2004: 67-70, Bad Schwalbach, Germany.


EHMKE, W. 2003d: The Wild Crop Plants Reserve in Schlangenbad-Hausen. – Jb. Rheingau-

                                  Taunus-District 2004: 133-136, Bad Schwalbach, Germany.


EHMKE, W. 2003e: Unexpected Return in Hausen. The Corn Cockle – Flower of the Year

                                  2003. – Jb. Rheingau-Taunus-District 2004: 168-169, Bad Schwalbach.  


EHMKE, W.: 2003f: Monitoring Habitats of Highly Endangered Orchid Species in Hesse. –

                                Jb.NatSch in Hessen 8: 132-135; Zierenberg.


EHMKE, W. 2004: The Climate of Wiesbaden in the past 160 Years.  In: Rambling Through

                                the Nature around Wiesbaden City and Surroundings. Ed.: Nassauischer

                                Verein f. Naturkunde: 75-90;  Wiesbaden.


EHMKE, W. 2005a: The Orchids in the Western Taunus Mountains. –

                                  Geobot. Kolloq. 18: 9-16.



                                 of Mapping of Higher Plants Flora in the Taunus Mountains. –

                                 Geobot. Kolloq. 18: 3-8.


EHMKE, W. 2005c: Monitoring Habitats of Highly Endangered Orchid Species in Hesse. –

                                  In: Domestic Orchids – Species Monitoring, Population Dynamics,

                                  Habitat Management.  Ed.: AHO Thuringia: 29-37,  Uhlstädt