Climate & Weather


Since 1987 I am measuring weather and climate with a private meteorological station in Taunusstein near Wiesbaden, Germany. It is part of the stations network of the VdA (Union of German-speaking amateur meteorologists). The following values are measured there daily:


-         air temperature in heights of 5 cm and 200 cm above ground level

-         relative air humidity in 200 cm above ground level

-         precipitation in 100 cm above ground level

-         moreover: air pressure, cloudiness, wind direction and speed (estim.), height of snow

       blanket, view range and special events like thunderstorm, mist, gale.


The measurements are carried out according to the regulations of the German Met Service.

More details about the weather station in Taunusstein and the used methods you can find on the website of the VdA. There you will also find the current weather results from stations all over Central Europe.

For better comparison I also show the values of the next official weather station in Wiesbaden (monthly and annual values of temperature and precipitation; courtesy of the German Met Service).


Annual Weather Reports    

Here you can see the most important values of last

years monthly means and sums as a report  

Annual Weather Values  
Here you can see the results of the monthly values of temperature and precipitation for the whole year as diagrams and templates
Annual Weather Values  
Here you can see diagrams of the monthly values of temperature and precipitation of Wiesbaden for the whole year
Special Evaluations            
This comprises evaluations like snow capability in the Taunus mountains, phenological data, change of temperature and preci- pitation means as evidence for climate change and so on  
Publications Concerning  Climate  

This link leads you to my publications. There you can find several of my issues dealing with climate.

If you are interested in one of them publications or if you want to get more detailed information (e.g. monthly or daily values) please contact me.